Homes for Sale

Find Your Dream Home Right Here in Baton Rouge

Homes for Sale

Each home that we put our name on is built to Babb Construction’s unfailing standards. We never build a house that we wouldn’t be proud to live in. We design houses with one hand on current trends and one hand on classic style. We work with skilled craftsmen to create a strong, secure structure. Our supervising contractor supports the construction team while keeping in mind the big picture: building a beautiful home where you can build a beautiful life.

Create Your Own Custom Home with Babb Construction

If none of our new homes for sale fit you perfectly, we’ll create a home that does. With 30 years of experience in the Baton Rouge market, you can trust Babb Construction to build your home right. But we don’t just construct a house. With Babb Construction, we take care of the entire home building process. From securing financing for your new home to designing your kitchen backsplash, we make the often-overwhelming process of building a home easy for you.

The Babb Construction team is dedicated to making dream homes come true. We’re in your corner, whether you’re looking for a new home for sale or to create your own custom dream home

Our Team Guides You through Every Step of the Custom Home Building Process, Including:

  • Bank Financing Your Home
  • Subdivision and Lot Selection
  • Construction Planning
  • Plan and Specification Design
  • Finish and Material Selection
  • Interior Design
  • Home Construction
  • Post-Construction